About the author

For more than 20 years a degisner of unique musical instruments, Luka Zaletelj manufactures the top stringed instruments for professional musicians, experts and begginers, which know how to assess quality and value of individual musical instruments. The shape, appearance, and above all the sound of the instrument is made in accordance to the clients wishes and expectations. The instrument is adjusted to the type of music, to the intention and to musician's style..

The result of Zaletelj's proficient knowledge, rich experience, deep hearing for muse and feelings of a musician is a result of perfectly balanced instrument that decorate: fantastic sound, facility of playing and esthetic property. In the workshop classical, contemporary and alternative musical instruments take place – acoustic, electro-acoustic and electric. From mandolins, tamburitzas, and guitars to electric double bass are made with filigree accuracy. Most orders are acoustic guitars from classical Spanish, folk guitars to hightly professional study jazz instruments, for which Zaletelj devised his own constructional solution, that improve acoustic feature, which is reflected in a exceptionally clean and full sound in proportionally small dimensions of corpus of these instruments.

Luka Zaletelj uses the most quality materials. For instance;  Schaller which is the top brand in mechanics, and natural, dry wood which is at least 30 years old. From the Slovenian woods, Zaletelj uses spruce, maple, cherry, walnut and from the exotic trees, moreover he uses especially mahogany, palisander, and ebony. Most suitable surface procedures of professional instruments is still ''politura'', however there are subsitutional procedures.

Esthetic appearance of the instrument is shaped by harmonized color combination of wood and mechanics and carefully made decorative details..

Zaletelj spends a lot of time in making of the instruments, he passionately and professionaly devotes to materials, construction and electronics, finesses with the purpose of making the instrument better. There are no coincidences, the realiazation of wishes and vision of the artist is planned, so he can have the supervision of the whole process. Every instrument from Ignac Zaletelj's workroom in every point of view is made professionally for professionals.